It was Sunday morning when weather was peachy with partial sunlight and untroubled chirping of birds. It seemed that birds have moved out of their nests after long frosty days of Winter.The second moment caught my attention to the unexpected knocking at the door. I was muddled and suddenly jumped out of my bed because of an anomalous bash on early Sunday morning.
I slightly opened the door and saw an old man;a stranger gripping a wooden stick with his right hand.He had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding, a withered face and his back was slightly hunched.His clothes were wet and he was shivering.His eyes took me in for a moment. It seemed as if he was the victim of adversities.
If you yourself are a victim of adversity in your life, you are not only given the strength to overcome it but also the gift to discern the hardships through eyes of those who have faced it. 
Now, you must be thinking what  adversities did I face? So, it is since my childhood that I have been struggling for even the basic necessities  of my life. Nothing can be more troublesome when you have just started knowing the meaning of parents and their role in your life and suddenly you are left in a new world without being given any reason.
Do you want to hear something more interesting?I don’t remember how my mother used to look because till the time I grew to a toddler, I could only find the presence of my father always trying to fulfill my wishes. And years later, he dropped me to an orphanage promising that he would come back soon.Though, when I was 10 years old,I flitted and never passed through that orphanage again.
Life seems more miserable being in an orphanage than being a vagabond.

I examined the old man and wondered if my own father who promised to take me back is still alive or not.

“Sir,what brought you to my home this early morning?”,I asked.
“I came last night to your home and knocked the door but I didn’t get any response.” The trembling voice continued speaking, ” It was gloomy, dark night and it was raining briskly. I wanted shelter to save myself from rain drops.”
I pitifully answered, “I would have slept till that time. I regret for being inattentive.”
He compassionately pardon me.
I took a deep breath and again asked, “Are you in some trouble?”
He instantly replied sighing, ” Yes, I am new to this city and I have come here in search of someone.”
I gladly received him inside and served him with a cup of tea.
He, without hesitation provided me the company and drank tea till its last drop.
It was for the first time when I found myself in the company of someone who brought smile on my face. His presence was the only solace that my anarchic mind could ever find. Serving him in his dreadful condition gave relief to my heart.

I desperately asked him, ” May I know about that ‘someone’ whom you are seeking?
He slightly smiled and answered, ” This person is my daughter whom I left when she was 5 years old. ”
His response hurt more than falling from the top floor of a building.It was a condition when I wanted to cry but no tears came out because I wanted to camouflage the broken pieces of my heart by pretending that nothing such  had happened with me.

I collected all my senses back and again asked, ” Why did you leave her?”
He awfully said, ” I wasn’t rich enough to give her even basic comforts of life. It was difficult to earn a single meal. Because of my poor condition my wife left me after 3 years of giving birth to this girl. She got frustrated by miserable family conditions and instead of supporting me, she ran leaving our daughter with me. Time didn’t support and I had to leave her in an orphanage so that she could be kept with safety and care.”
“Did you try to find her in the orphanage?” I eagerly questioned.
Tears rolled down from his eyes as it seemed he had lost every hope. He sobbed and told,”I went there but they said that she vanished without any information. They were unable to find her back.”

I noticed that my surroundings took a different tone at that moment. Everything was in oblivion even my heart and mind. A dark shadow covered my eyes trying to hide the reality behind it. Another moment, I found it uneasy to accept something to which I was never accustomed.And lately, tears started shedding from eyes finding their way towards the soul of that old man. 
Sometimes, the most shocking surprises are also the most wonderful surprises.
I took a deep breath and whimpered, “Dad, don’t cry.You fulfilled your promise of coming back. ”
It was after so many years, when two souls found serenity in their heart.

This is  my first attempt to write a short fictional story. I hope you guys would enjoy reading it and feel free to drop your comments. Every compliment, every advice and every suggestion is much appreciated. 🙂