Guys, tomorrow will be a new beginning of the year. I know most of us have already planned and set goals for 2017 and that is why we all are excited about it. But before going to the next year, I would like to share a glimpse to Β my days of 2016 .

2016 began with the first page of a new diary that I wrote daily and I am still writing till the clock strikes 12:00 at midnight. Today, midnight will be the time when one story will be completed.It is my ‘pen’ and ‘words’ that have always kept moving my story forward.Every page is inked with seat of affections and are now,a part of my memory. I know I can’t change any page that is already inked by me but I can rewrite them in the upcoming year in a more sophisticated manner. Many people will be a part of my next story while some have ended their role in my preceding stories forever.
This year, I was fortunate enough because time favored me mostly. There were times, when I didn’t want to struggle more and step back to the life I once lived but my ‘words’ and my ‘pen’ always supported me throughout the story. It were my words and my pen that helped me to change dark days to brighter ones. I tried to change every struggle into an opportunity. It was little challenging but I must assert that at the end of 2016, I can feel myself superior to what I was in 2015.
I don’t know what will be the beginning of story that I am going to start tomorrow.But, I am clear with the role of characters and the theme of my story. I know, I would not be turning the pages back to copy the story I have already written. I assure to myself that it will be a brand new story of my life. Once again, I will take resolution to change myself in a better way and again it would be amazing.

At the end of 2016, I can see myself as a being, who:
i) Cares for her parents and their hard work in educating her.
ii) Who is well known about her ‘ambition’ in life.
iii) Who is troubling herself by lighting late night candles to come close towards her aim.
iv) Who knows the value of time.
v) Who knows that she herself can only help her during her dark days.

Let me tell you all that it was only in 2016, when I realized everything that is important to live a successful life. Earlier, I was a school girl who had always been adventurous and careless.Few years back,pain of loving someone with full heart and being broken left me lonesome and somehow degraded me. I was always tempted by the world of ‘beauty’, ‘fashion’ and ‘fallacy’ but today I feel myself stronger. I hope, I would be able to make my 2017 more better.

Lastly, I would like to say goodbye to Β 2016 and cheers to 2017.May this new year bring lots of joys and happiness to every life in this universe. Happy new year everyone. πŸ™‚