There’s  a silence in today’s night; calmness in air,
I can see an orb slithering over the dark clouds
Attired like a silver alloy, it’ shimmering supreme,
Yell! it’s a full moon spreading brightness in the welkin.

I fancy to pray and wish beneath while it winks at me ,
Like a groom, he would take me up and offer to be his princess
The Sun and the stars would join this ceremony flashing their glitz,
We both would make noble love and sky would  be a blissful lieu.

I would sleep in his arms and dance with him everyday ,
Nights would be the best time to forget all the pains
Scars would be the best place to kiss and embrace him,
Water subjacent would be quiescent enough to reflect our gestures.

The world would be jealous to see me as the moon’s moonlight,
This affair of love would be a token of my true affection
People would groove on at twilight to make vows of amorousness,
Again, amenity would be found in gloom and hope in light.

Now, I feel that I am perceiving a miracle while beholding the moon,
They say it’s a state of ‘selenophilia’ and I can’t think of anybody else
I can find reflection of my own soul as long as I  gaze at him,
Whenever darkness calls, we both are found dancing together.